Hiring a Piano

At Bonners Piano Centre we give you the option to either purchase or hire a piano.

If you're unsure about making the right decision, or don't know if your child will persevere with piano lessons, the Bonners Piano Rental Scheme might be just what you need!

Piano Hire

Most of our used pianos priced £1500+ are available to rent for six month terms. If you decide to purchase the piano you've rented, we will deduct your first 6 month rental fee in full from the normal purchase price of the instrument.  

Rental Costs:
The 6 month rental fee is simply 20% of the normal selling price of the instrument, plus delivery charge (ground floor, easy access only!).

Money Back If You Buy The Piano!
If you like the instrument you are renting, you have the option to purchase the instrument at the end of the 6 month rental term, and we'll deduct the rental fee paid.

If you are still unsure, you may rent the instrument for another 6 month term, and we'll still deduct the first rental payment from the price should you ever choose to purchase the piano.

You can end the agreement by returning the piano to us. You can either arrange this yourself, or we can collect it from you. Minimal rental term is 6 months.