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We are a trusted name in the Piano Industry and we have been established in Reigate since 1982. During this time we have built a fine reputation providing and restoring quality grand and upright pianos. We offer a good reliable service to all our new and existing customers. Good service depends on capable personnel and we are proud of ours.

Our Showroom contains over 90 pianos including nearly new Uprights, Grands and Baby Grands. All our pianos have been fully restored and come with a five-year guarantee. View an up to date list of our pianos here.

We can also send you further photos of the ones on the stock page if required.

Several things may influence your choice of instrument i.e. tonal quality, touch, casework, size and price. Your piano will be a reflection of these qualities and will fit perfectly into your home and be joy to play for many years.

Below is a comprehensive list of piano makes that have passed through our showroom many of which we have in stock at present:

  • Steinway Pianos
  • Bechstein Pianos
  • Bluthner Pianos
  • Bosendorfer Pianos
  • Fazioli Pianos
  • Grotrian-Steinweg Pianos
  • Feurich Pianos
  • Ernest Kapps Pianos
  • Gors & Kallmann Pianos
  • Yamaha Pianos
  • Broadwood Pianos
  • Kemble Pianos
  • Weber Pianos
  • Rogers Pianos
  • Chappell Pianos
  • Danemann Pianos
  • Hopkinson Pianos
  • Challen Pianos
  • Monington Weston Pianos
  • Berry Pianos
  • Knight Pianos
  • Welmar Pianos
  • Etc.

  • Looking for a Piano in our showroom

    So please visit our showroom for helpful advice and guidance or call for more information.

    See our opening times and contact details here

    We are within easy reaching distance of the following towns:-

    Piano shop Croydon, Godalming, Esher, Richmond upon Thames, Guildford, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Canterbury, Ashford and Weybridge.