How Much Should I Spend On My First Piano?

How much should a piano cost?

How much should a piano for a beginner cost?

With any new hobby, there’s a rush of excitement. Once you’ve booked your first piano lesson, you’ll be desperate to pick a piano and arrange delivery. But what’s your budget? And what if you lose your enthusiasm?

At Piano Workshop, we have years of experience in helping beginners choose their first piano. Whether you have your heart set on a mini Grand or a modern silent model, here are some key principles to bear in mind as you shop.


You’ve probably already got a space in mind for your piano, but it might not be the best location. Most domestic customers buy uprights – that’s what they were designed for. But don’t squeeze a piano into an inappropriate space.

We always recommend that pianos are positioned:

  • Away from windows, due to the risk of fading from sunlight
  • Away from radiators, fires and heaters that will dry the wood
  • In a place where the humidity does not vary
  • Against an inside wall, or an outside wall
  • In a room that stays roughly at the same temperature (20 degrees centigrade is ideal)Humidity is very important ,and should be between 50 and 70%.
  • Away from external doors
  • Away from moving items like washing machines, tumble dryers
  • Away from toddlers’ sticky fingers
  • Not in a position where it’s going to be used as a shelf or a coffee table
  • Nowhere near the kitchen or the bathroom, where steam is going to escape
  • In your house, not your garage!

Additionally, you’ll need to consider the vibration and whether this will bother your neighbours while you’re practising.

So where can you put a piano? We normally recommend either the living room or the dining room, or another reception room if you’re lucky enough to have a large house. You need it to be accessible without being damaged, and protected without being forgotten.

Measure up: your choice of piano might have to change depending on the space available.

Tone and Brand

Every piano is unique, so it’s impossible to prescribe particular brands for particular pianists. If you come into our store, you can try a few pianos to get an idea for the tone. This will hep you find something that feels comfortable and sounds good. Some pianos sound very bright, while others have a more mellow tone: this is mostly a matter of preference.

Don’t feel pressured to buy a Steinway right away, particularly if you are buying a piano for your children. A more basic model may suit them fine if they find it easy to play.


There’s nothing wrong with a ‘cheap’ piano costing around £1,000, particularly if you’re starting out. There is an option to hire a piano from £45.00 per month, with an option to purchase with all payment refunded. As you progress, you can always upgrade. And if you don’t take to the hobby, you can sell up, or finish the hire, without losing too much.

If you have a limited budget, consider a used piano. Piano Workshop specialises in reselling quality pianos that have been tuned and serviced by our team. Buying used is a great way to get more for your money, and we give you the same level of service as the people who buy brand new.

Personalised Advice

Need more help? Speak to Piano Workshop today. We’ll help you choose a piano that fits your home – and your wallet.