Never Buy an Acoustic Piano Online – Here’s Why

The internet has given us all far more choice when shopping, and it has also given consumers the tools they need to research new purchases. Often, our customers come to our store armed with a wealth of knowledge gleaned

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from online resources, and that makes our job much easier. We can work with customers to refine their research and select the piano that’s right for them.

Remember: researching a piano and buying a piano are two very different things. While we recommend researching your ideal pianos on the internet so you’re prepared for a showroom visit, we don’t think buying a piano online is a good idea.

In this article, we’ll look at a few of the reasons why buying a piano from the showroom is always a better option.

Choosing an Instrument In Person

Over time, many pianists develop a relationship with their own piano, and no other instrument can really take its place. That special relationship begins right at the very beginning of the pianist’s journey, when they play the piano in a showroom for the first time. There’s something about the feel of each instrument that is organic and unique; sometimes, one piano will just ‘click’.

Trying a piano in person is the best way to assess its suitability for your own needs and playing style. If you buy a piano online, you won’t know if it suits you. You may end up with a piano that simply doesn’t work for you at all, and that can present a new set of problems.

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Buying From a Showroom: The Benefits

Pianos also vary considerably in terms of looks and finish, and we always recommend a personal viewing to ensure the piano will be suitable for the location. Subtle variations in wood grain, finish and tone will make one piano appealing above all of the others.

Customers often think that buying a piano online is cheaper, or that the selection in a showroom will be limited, but it’s not necessarily the case. Piano Workshop has the
At Piano Workshop, we are able to deliver nationwide once you’ve chosen your ideal piano. We also provide a comprehensive 5-year guarantee on all of our pianos, making us extremely competitive when compared with online piano retailers.resources to stock more than 100 pianos under one roof, giving you the same variety and choice you’d get online but with the additional benefit of a personal viewing. And because we sell such a wide range, we can keep prices down without compromise.

Visit Us to Choose a Piano

And if you want something really special, we can arrange for you to visit a dealer selection centre for an even wider choice.

Our team of experts are on hand to help you choose your perfect piano. Choose from restored pianos, new upright pianos, grand pianos and a range of silent systems, all available for demonstration at Piano Workshop.

Visit our huge piano showroom located in Reigate in Surrey. It’s within easy reach of London, Sussex and Kent, and we’re open seven days a week.

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