6 Reasons to Enroll In Our Piano Lessons

Piano lessons in Reigate

Master class and family concert

At Piano Workshop, we don’t just sell pianos – although that’s our passion. We also offer a range of extra services like piano restoration, repair and lessons in our piano store in Reigate.

Taking up piano lessons is a big commitment for anyone, no matter what your age or experience. You need to find a teacher that enhances your skills and confidence while helping you explore a range of styles and techniques, and the learning environment needs to be suitable too.

Here’s why we think our lessons are the best in the south of England.

1. We’re Open to All Pianists

No matter what your age or skill level, our teachers will help you to develop your piano playing ability at a pace that suits you. We have experience in working with all kinds of people, from enthusiastic preschoolers to retired pianists brushing up on their ability. Our tutors don’t make any assumptions: we support you in your individual progression, and we take on pianists regardless of experience.

2. You Have Chance to Experiment

Some piano teachers have a fairly narrow view of the kind of pieces their students should play, but we take pride in helping learners tackle different styles and genres. No matter what your taste, we’ll work with you to explore a range of different pieces. And if you’re willing, your tutor will assist you in learning pieces outside of your comfort zone so that you’re continually challenged.

3. Everything’s On Site

Piano Workshop has its own suite of piano practice rooms on site, so everything’s under the same roof. If you’ve already visited us to look at a new or used piano, you’ll be familiar with the layout of our store. Parking is really convenient, and your lessons can be arranged during opening hours or in the evenings.

4. You Learn Piano From the Pros

Your piano teacher isn’t just the key to your learning: they can also offer a wealth of expertise gleaned from their own career as a pianist.  The piano teacher will often arrange a concert at the Workshop for their pupils to perform in front of family and friends.

5. We Prepare You For Exam Success

At Piano Workshop, our learners are all able to make use of a soundproofed exam room during lesson time and rehearsals. If you’re planning on taking exams, this environment will help to develop your confidence and familiarise you with the exam conditions you’ll be faced with. Even if you’re not planning on taking exams, you may still enjoy the privacy of a soundproofed practice room as you tackle more difficult pieces.

6. You Can Expand Your Skills

Learning the piano opens doors to many different playing styles and instruments. Piano Workshop tutors can help you to experience a range of different instruments in the course of your lessons, helping you to appreciate what’s possible and try out different playing styles. Our experience tells us that no two pianos are alike, and our learner pianists are in the unique position of being able to test that theory for themselves.

Arranging Your Piano Lessons

Piano Workshop is based in Reigate, and it’s ideally placed for learners throughout Surrey and South London. To arrange your lessons, contact us today for a chat.