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Restored Bechstein PianosOver the years, the sound and appearance of a piano can subtly change. Pianos are organic instruments; they respond to external factors such as sunlight and humidity. A limited amount of exposure may cause the piano to go out of tune or could fade the case, but if a piano is allowed to decay without proper maintenance, it may become damaged and unplayable.

Piano Workshop is more than just a piano showroom. While we love matching our customers with their perfect new piano, we also take great pride in restoring pianos to their former glory. Piano restoration is a specialised skill, and we have a dedicated workshop specifically for the purpose.

From a broken key to a complete case polish, we can help bring your treasured piano back into daily use. We’ll improve the quality of the sound, improve the piano’s appearance and carry out repairs that last.

Why Restore a Piano?

So why would anyone restore a piano when replacement pianos are so affordable? Customers come to us with a variety of reasons for investing in restoration.

Often, pianists become attached to their own pianos: a brand new replacement simply can’t match the performance, tone or response that they’re used to, and restoration is the best way to retain that familiarity.

Pianos can also be passed down through generations and may hold sentimental value, making them irreplaceable heirlooms in many families. Quality restoration ensures the piano can be passed down for generations to come.

An antique or valuable piano that falls into disrepair can often be restored to its former glory, giving the pianist access to a superior quality instrument.Pianists are also increasingly aware of the environmental impact of disposing of an old piano and prefer to bring their existing instrument back to its former glory. In many cases, it’s a greener option.

Piano Workshop’s Restoration Services

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Piano Workshop offers piano restoration services to clients all over Surrey and the south of England. Our experts are on hand to inspect your piano and give you a no-obligation quote for any restoration or repairs.

We cover the restoration of soundboards, the respraying of frames and the replacing or restoration of the hammers.

Our team can also restring your piano and repin the wrest planks. We can also rebush the piano keys, fix flaws in the case and repolish the piano. Our piano repolisher Toni Freed can also replace veneers, strip polish or repair piano casing, and he can carry out polishing or repair jobs on-site, so there’s often no need to arrange for your piano to be moved.

If your piano keys have become discoloured or damaged, we can replace them. New keys are very affordable and can transform an old piano’s looks, or bring a scruffy instrument back into regular use.

And, if necessary, we can even rebuild your piano from the ground up, drawing on the skills and expertise of our own in-house craftsmen. Our specially trained restoration team has more than 30 years’ experience, and we’ve served hundreds of satisfied customers seeking quality piano restoration services.

Piano restoration services


To find out how we will help to restore your piano, give us a call or visit our showroom today.