Silent Piano Systems

Electronic keyboards are no substitute for a real piano, but many learners struggle to find a comfortable environment to practice where they won’t disturb other people around them.

Yamaha Silent Piano for Sale

In fact, you can. The answer is a silent piano system: a modern adaptation to the acoustic piano that gives you all the advantages of a real piano with some fantastic additional benefits. Silent piano systems don’t just give you the advantage of quiet practice: you can also use apps and recordings to improve your skill, or expand the capabilities of your piano with a MIDI interface.Many pianists also tell us they want to be able to practice and play for their own pleasure, but the location of their piano makes this impractical. Rather than limit your practice time, wouldn’t it be great if you could play your piano in complete silence?

How a Silent Piano System Works

Modern silent piano systems do not affect the performance of the piano or the feel of the keys. They are also truly silent: there are no audible clues that the piano is in use.In a silent piano, the acoustic sound of the piano is silenced. Most systems feature a bar that prevents the hammer from touching the strings when the piano keys are pressed, although there are variations on this, depending on the system and manufacturer. In most silent piano systems, optical sensors detect the hammer movement and convert it into a digital MIDI signal.

Choosing a Silent Piano System

Silent Piano Systems

If you’re looking for a new piano, you can now buy certain models with the silent piano system built in. This is often the easiest option, and it means your piano will be ready to play silently straight from the factory.

If a new piano is out of your budget, you’ll need to have a silent piano system retrofitted to your existing piano. There are a range of different silent piano packages from various manufacturers, including PianoDisc, Kemble and Yamaha. The type of silent piano system we recommend depends on the customer’s experience and needs.

Silent Piano Benefits

The most obvious benefit of a silent piano is the ability to play quietly and privately. Pianists love the freedom of rehearsing whenever they please, safe in the knowledge that they won’t disturb anyone around them.

The silent piano system can also enhance your piano’s usability and open up new avenues for experimentation and improvement. Silent pianos include many different sounds, so you can try out your piece on harpsichord or church organ for example. All models also have a USB port, giving you the freedom to trigger any external MIDI device from your piano or import MIDI files that can be played back on your piano automatically.

Many systems also allow you to record your performance for review later. You can connect to some silent piano kits using smartphone apps. Yamaha offers two apps for iOS devices: Piano Diary and NoteStar.

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Silent Piano Systems: More Information

If you’re interested in trying out a silent piano, or you’d like some advice on retrofitting, speak to a member of the Piano Workshop team today. We’ll help you try out a range of systems to find the one that suits your need

s and budget.