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Tips for effective piano practice

Date: 27th Mar 2015

Learning to play the piano takes time, enthusiasm, motivation and lots and lots of practice. This practice can take three main forms: You’ll practice pieces of music you are currently learning You will practice techniques, including scales, arpeggios and chords You might run over older pieces to improve your confidence and dexterity We all lead [...]

Teaching Yourself Piano: is it Possible?

Date: 21st Mar 2015

When someone suggests a singalong at a party, it’s great to have a skilled pianist who can pick up any tune. People who can do this have natural talent, and this is often backed up by years of lessons that have helped them hone their skills. Being able to play the piano during an impromptu [...]

What Does a Piano Tuner Actually Do?

Date: 19th Mar 2015

Piano tuners are employed to make sure your instrument is always pitch perfect, helping you get more from your lessons and recitals. The actual role of ‘piano tuner’ is far more complicated than just altering the strings, though. It’s an incredibly skilled job, with many piano tuners having been in the job all their lives. [...]

Choosing a Piano For a Small Space

Date: 14th Mar 2015

The upright piano was invented to fit into small homes. By tilting the strings onto a vertical, and reducing the size of the keyboard, the upright piano could be owned by practically anyone with a dining room or music room. Modern-day homes don’t tend to have dedicated rooms for music lessons, and we have pesky [...]

Pianos for Quiet Spaces

Date: 2nd Mar 2015

When we think of pianos, we imagine large instruments that emit sound at reasonable volume. While your small upright won’t emit the same amount of sound as a baby grand, it’s fair to say that the neighbours will still hear you practice. While many people won’t mind the sound of a pianist practicing their scales, [...]

The life of a piano restorer – a typical week

Date: 31st Jan 2015

Monday Arrived at the workshop at 7.30 am. Normal time for me as I don’t want to be stuck in the rush hour traffic. First job of the day is to make the tea, only not today as we have run out. So, will have to make do with coffee for now. Work for today [...]

How Often Should I Practice the Piano?

Date: 26th Nov 2014

Piano practice is key to making swift progress, and your teacher will expect you to invest time honing your skills. Without practice, you’ll show up to each lesson showing next to no improvement, and that will be frustrating for both of you. Many beginners throw themselves into practice, but this can cause burnout. What should [...]

How Much Should I Spend On My First Piano?

Date: 17th Nov 2014

With any new hobby, there’s a rush of excitement. Once you’ve booked your first piano lesson, you’ll be desperate to pick a piano and arrange delivery. But what’s your budget? And what if you lose your enthusiasm? At Piano Workshop, we have years of experience in helping beginners choose their first piano. Whether you have [...]

How Long Does It Take to Learn the Piano?

Date: 12th Nov 2014

Learning to play the piano isn’t an exact art. While you can purchase a ‘fast pass’ course when you want to drive a car, there are fewer shortcuts to passing your Grade 1 exam. However, some people do pass faster than others, and there are a number of reasons for that. If you want to [...]

What to Expect During a Piano Exam

Date: 29th Sep 2014

If you’ve been having piano lessons for a while, then your piano teacher will likely suggest to you to go in for a piano exam. As with all instruments, there are eight graded levels you can take. While most people start at level one, your teacher may suggest you start at level two or above. [...]

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